Gain health and well-being!

Do you know that...
The glycoside of steviol –the extract of the stevia plant – have zero calories, do not affect blood pressure, blood glucose levels,or put dental health at risk.

Can you imagine
A life with products based on stevia?
In Stevia One, Yes!

The diabetes is not bitter anymore

According to the criteria of The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), the clinical studies demonstrate that the glycosides of steviol do not affect the blood pressure or the blood glucose levels.

Can you imagine?
The diabetics and the children enjoying the benefits of stevia?
In Stevia One, Yes!
Diabetics enjoy the sweetness of stevia!

Smile without cavities

Do you know that...
The bacteria that causes cavity can consume stevia, but cannot digest it and as a consequence it dies.
Then, a battle between the stevia vs. the cavities, the stevia wins.


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